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Inclusion, Inclusion, Inclusion

Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” today got right to the heart of the matter of problems the black population deals with in the world of fashion titled “Diversity In The Fashion Industry”, the misconceptions and stereotypes that continue to exist for blacks.

For black models working with brands, they’ve been told that they’re skin tone or look do not fit the predominantly white brand they’ve been striving, which has led to little or no work for black models.

The other problems black models encounter are not only being not ethnic enough for a brand, but micro-aggression from other models who’ve told black models that they’re lucky to be here, and/ or don’t deserve not to be modeling with their brand.

Big box brands and even small box brands only have makeup artists that cater to their white models, and no makeup artists that understand black models or any black makeup artists at all, leading black models to do their own makeup, sometimes leading to tears behind the scenes, but not at all seen come showtime.

Brands act on the belief that black models working in the fashion industry need to be light-skinned, closed for Albanian in some cases, other blacks working in fashion are relegated to working behind the scenes, some black individuals are asked why they’re there, acting on the fact even from the U.S. Census that whites are the dominant race, which most brands market to, thinking that the black population can’t bring in dollars.

The bottom line is the fashion industry as a whole needs to be convinced that blacks too along with whites, and even Asians, Hispanics, and other minorities also can bring in money for the fashion industry.

It’s also important to support non-white designers, brands, and retailers who love fashion for all its good, bad, and ugly, as well as a white-audience brand to truly understand, appreciate, and intend to take on a more diverse audience without being fake about it.

Daniel Quintanilla

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