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Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” got to the heart of a brand’s dilemma today about one of the biggest aspects to boost sales, social media, it all comes down to “5 Tools For Faster Organic Social Media Growth”, with Social Media Strategist/ Content Creator, Grace Lee, of Gracefullee Made.

The first thing Grace stresses for a brand that post on Instagram is planning out a post, what is the reason why your creating a post, how do you want your brand to look for your audience, and knowing who your audience is has to be the first step before your post, because your audience needs to know what you are all about.

Instagram’s algorithms are always changing, it use to be the algorithms were so high that you’d have to post morning, noon, and night, but that’s changed drastically to where Grace recommends that you should only post at least once a day, morning and evening are the best times, and posting a carousel (more than one image on one post) has proved helpful because it shows up in people’s feeds, and be engaged and responsive to your followers to show you care about them.

For those who’ve ever created an IGTV video on Instagram have been in constant battle with how posting video works, Grace says posting your IGTV video on a regular Instagram post pushes people to see your video even more, it’s something to discover, but people think their IGTV video just has to be on IGTV because it’s what Instagram wants you to do, what people don’t realize is videos that are just on IGTV are only pushed on IGTV, and not outside of it.

There are 3 types of Instagram profiles for you to choose from, personal, business, and creator, each are set up for your own agenda depending how you want to go about Instagram, but if you identify as a brand with your business, or yourself, choose creator, it gives you more options to build your identity, but you also have analytics at your fingertips, allowing you to see the activity of your post, who you’re reaching, your impressions, and not focus too much on likes.

Colors and themes are a key component to identifying what your brand is, your customer base know immediately what to expect from you, that must apply to your Instagram page also, color palettes and themes that match who you are, what your about, and what your audience sees you as (personal, professional, and creatively).

An added feature to your brand is considering a podcast, learning about how to set one up while finding out if it’s the right vehicle for you, but don’t think of a podcast as just a simple post, it’s a long-term extension of your brand that you may want to consider to reach a wider audience, what your topics will be, and if you’ll have guests on your podcasts (audio or video).

A new addition to the Mingle Mastermind Group were Fashion Mingle members, Daniel plus Lauren was offered the invitation to participate today to ask about social media growth, which was a great experience, plus Fashion Mingle member, Aysha Louise, participated in the group today, who’s clothing brand makes an everyday statement, plus making face masks that match one’s skin tone.

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