Fashion Mingle address fashion design in #COVID19 at @texworldusa #texworldusa @fashionmingle

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Adapting With The Times

Fashion Mingle kicked off 3 days at Texworld USA today with a series of mastermind live sessions addressing the tangled web of fashion, one portion addressed fashion design in COVID19 and how it’s adapting.

It’s a given that face masks are now apart of the fashion landscape, blending in with the designs of other pieces like tops and bottoms, you will see all kinds of patterns on face masks that contrast or are align with traditional pieces.

Whether your city or town’s stores are open or not, tops are seeing a surge in sales, where it’s recommended more imagination are put into this piece that you shop for with your comfort wear.

It’s been suggested now that spring pieces be released in the summer since the entire spring season was missed from the pandemic, leading the fashion industry to go season-less with the increasing demand to be sustainable.

The key to any fashion designer’s success is adapting to climate change, not concerning the earth, but where the circumstances take us, where the trends will be next.

Daniel Quintanilla

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