Alexis Barbosa to premiere ‘Une Barque sur l’Océan’ #paris @CinemaLeBalzac #unebarquesurlocean #arnolddeparscau

Courtesy: Olga Korovina

Inspiring Hope

Actor, Model, and DJ, Alexis Barbosa, who’s come a long way to pursue a career in entertainment, as well as migrating to places like New York City, has a new film this Saturday called “Une Barque sur l’Océan” , directed by Arnold de Parscau, premiering at the Cinema Balzac in Paris, France.

Alexis fought to come to the United States in order to pursue his dreams, and inspire hope in others as Alexis makes his talents known to the world with the upcoming “Une Barque sur l’Océan” movie premiere.

As many in the same line of work as Alexis have left New York City because of Coronavirus, Alexis inspires the world by staying in New York to continue pursue his dreams in acting, modeling, and being a DJ.

Alexis has a mix clip he shot at the top of his Chelsea apartment in New York City with model, Olga Cerpita, where both Olga, and Alexis show off their skills as DJ’s because music is one form of inspiration needed right now in the world.

Daniel Quintanilla

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