1.4 million more filed #unemployment, higher than last week, 53 million total @usdol #COVID19

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The United States Department Of Labor today reported more staggering unemployment numbers, this week at 1,416,000, and it’s 109,000 than the week before, plus in over 18 weeks unemployment has been high, it’s now near 53 million.

Though unemployment ticked up, those on insured unemployment continued to go down, the rate decreased by 0.7 to land at 11.1 percent, and the amount receiving unemployment fell below 17 million to 16,197,000, 1,107,000 less as more businesses reopen with COVID19 safety guidelines.

The devastation our economy’s experienced by COVID19 is astronomical to say the least, all factors like knowing how the virus came about, collaboration with other countries, and how to pull ourselves out of this catastrophe is key, start by looking at the stars.

Daniel Quintanilla

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