Kristin Cavallari’s #summer with @UncommonJames @KristinCav #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Drop The Hotness

Kristin Cavallari reminded us today that it’s summertime, and you should embrace it no matter where we’re at, so Kristin brings in Uncommon James for summer layers of jewelry by UJ.

Kristin’s layers for a hot summer day include the Boardwalk Bracelet combining old and new, the versatile chain earrings, an edgy and trendy Mirasol Necklace, and bring on the wave with a Sea Of Cortez Necklace that’s on the go.

Kristin also added another celebrity to the Uncommon James Hollywood A-List, this time it’s YouTube star and frizzy hair expert, Chloe Homan, who turns to the UJ Charlie Necklace.

Daniel Quintanilla

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