Doja Cat reveals she had #COVID19 @dojacat #saysoremix #dojacat @CapitalXTRA

Courtesy: Capital XTRA

Roll With It

Doja Cat, the one who took the country storm with her chart-topping single “Say So”, and TikTok favorite dance off to, and recent favorite on @DanielplsLauren Instagram story, says she got COVID19 awhile back in a Capital XTRA interview today.

Doja Cat doesn’t know how it happened, but believes it was from a delivery person from Postmates who delivered her food, but recovered from COVID19 pretty quickly, in a matter of 4 days.

A few months ago, Doja Cat downplayed the virus by mocking other people who were scared, and were concerned about the virus, saying she’s not afraid of Corona, or Corona the beer.

Doja Cat also added that she’s not scared of COVID19, and all you have to do is take Mucinex, drink water, tea, and sleep.

Daniel Quintanilla

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