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Curve New York’s webinar today went into the reason why intimates, lingerie, and beachwear exist in the first place, it’s there to empower, it’s there to create confidence, and it’s there for you, Jos Berry from Concepts Paris led the talk again with this episode of Interfiliere Talks titled “The Magic Of Seduction”.

The true origins of creating lingerie is to do one thing only, to create a garment that makes the woman feel good, it’s about confidence, happiness, uplifting, and motivating, and achieving sexiness within, and on the outside of course.

The seduction of lingerie is not to attract the man, or to attract to society norms, but to attract the woman, not just for the reason of buying, but to unleash the sexiness that the woman is naturally born with, intimates that speak to the woman, and naturally stop the man and society in its tracks.

Each design house out there attracts its own audience, Victoria’s Secret is one example that has a unique audience of its own, a woman of a very unique confidence and body type that fulfills the Victoria’s Secret brand.

Though not every brand is Victoria’s Secret, brands with their designers and founders create their own confidence boosting intimate and beachwear lines based on what makes the creator’s feel comfortable, spinning off onto its customer base who are very supportive, leading to their own success.

Comfort wear and sustainability may have a strong hold in our market right now, but what is true is lingerie, and lace which is the crux of lingerie, is meant to break the barrier of the norms, especially here in the United States, where outside U.S. soil, there’s more liberation with lingerie design.

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