Lauren Conrad’s guide for online #makeup shopping @LaurenConrad #laurenconradcoloves


Shade Right For You

Lauren Conrad and her Lauren Conrad Co. team today start the new week with 5 ways to shop online for makeup, because due to the COVID19 pandemic, most parts of the United States are on lockdown, crippling the ability for you to go out and shop for makeup at department stores where you have the opportunity to try on makeup before you buy it.

First, search for on-skin swatches by beauty tutorials, social media posts, and models so you can get an idea of what complexion is close to yours, and read every review you come across about the makeup you’re trying to buy so that you can get honest feedback about the makeup you’re buying.

Whether it’s eco-friendly or conventional, research all the ingredients in the makeup you’re buying instead of buying in the moment, take a quiz or use color match tool to buy the right product, and when in doubt, buy the best selling makeup out there.

Daniel Quintanilla

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