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I’m A Survivor

Curve New York leads the way again today with its Wednesday webinars, guiding brands and retailers on the best way to keep their businesses going during COVID19, this week gave focus to the ones who make a brand’s sales possible, the retailers, “Intimate Chat With Retailers – Continuing The Conversation – Part 3” perfectly titled, and moderated by Ellen Lewis of Lingerie Briefs.

Retailers participating in this week’s webinar were not immune whatsoever from pivoting to virtual once the COVID19 pandemic put the country on lockdown to stop the spread of the virus, and open up cautiously with limited hours than normal, social distancing, and offering deals on products that needed to be pushed, going above and beyond to get their customers buying in a time of uncertainty.

Speaking of uncertainty, fears are still fresh that the country may lockdown again, and not knowing for a fact when COVID19 is over, but like on stage, as it is with retail, business, and news also, the show must go on, trends don’t stop, seasons (albeit approaching season less) still pass, and deals are still out there, ingenuity and American know how come in play to keep the doors open with entrepreneurs.

All in all, brands and retailers especially always have to act like they’re the new kid on the block, because circumstances of customers, and the world outside constantly change, and it’s a dangerous to fall into habits that easily get you not to change your game, which could lead you to lose customers, lose revenue, and go out of business.

Listen to the customer when they say they don’t want to buy wired bras, or are in search of comfort wear when stuck at home, be concerned when a consumer doesn’t buy a matching panty with the bra they buy, it could be the size is too small, do whatever you can to keep your shoppers at your retail store by asking for their support in this pandemic with an offer attached to it, encourage your customers to keep formals when needed, and the wire bra is not going away, it’ll be there when asked for again.

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