Lauren Conrad recruits 6 moms for potty training advice @LaurenConrad #laurenconradcoloves #mom #pottytraining


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Lauren Conrad addressed one of the most important hurdles of parenthood that you need to overcome, it’s potty training, teaching your kids to go to the bathroom on their own after moving past diapers, Lauren today calls on 6 moms, including herself, for the best advice on teaching your child to potty train.

Lauren has been using positive reinforcement for Liam after wearing trainers for awhile and rewarding him with a treat after no accidents, Makeup Artist, Amy Nadine kept spare clothes and multiple potties while training before starting preschool with potty-trained kids only, Priscilla Vega of PR Vega relied books when her little one couldn’t wait to potty train.

Prop Stylist, Julia Sir Wester, planned for months for her daughter to potty train with days off, Ilana Saul says never underestimate your child paying attention to you who encourages potty training instead of diapers, and Leslie Bruce says give your child time, because they’ll figure it out and make the connection eventually.

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