Kristin Cavallari and #son Camden Jack @KristinCav @UncommonJames #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

Love All Around

Kristin Cavallari on her Instagram story today thought of a great way to end her eventful weekend by letting her son, Camden Jack, show how much he loves her mother, for all that Kristin does for her children.

It’s Camden Jack all around as Kristin relaxes right in her home in Nashville, Tennessee, kicking back on the couch rightfully staying home to ease into the new week that soon will start, and all of us too are getting ready for.

Kristin also got love today from her daughter, Saylor James, showing off how she’s excited to become a grown up by wearing mommy’s high heels, telling the world she’s ready to become a woman.

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