Kristin Cavallari expresses why @dryfarmwines is good @KristinCav @UncommonJames #dryfarmwines #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

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What Wine 🍷 Can Do For You

Everybody has their moment where they were when they had beer, wine, or just plain alcohol for the first time, remembering how it felt to be buzzed, drunk, let down, then their first hangover, and how it happened again and again and again, not everybody responds well to a hangover, or conventional ingredients in beer or wine, that’s why Kristin Cavallari touted tonight how she loves Dry Farm Wines out of Napa Valley, California, the town where wine is the authority.

Kristin loves Dry Farm Wines because it doesn’t give you a massive hangover, or any hangover period after drinking a few over your own limit, it’s low in sulfites and sugar, and it’s all organic, paleo, and keto, all the health benefits you could ask for, and not the vicious headaches that Kristin use to get from other wines.

Kristin has been part of the Dry Farm Wines club for a year, and even though it’s not an official promotion, Dry Farm Wines have added an affiliate page especially for Kristin, and you get an extra bottle of wine for 1 cent when you order through Kristin’s page.

Kristin also gave a delighted look at how she was stoked about Dry Farm Wines delivering a collection of their wines early tonight, which Kristin shared on her Instagram story.

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