Jenna Ushkowitz layers up with @UncommonJames @KristinCav @JennaUshkowitz #jennaushkowitz #uncommonjames #kristincavallari #ujbabe

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Art Is Power

The A-Listers keep growing for Uncommon James created by Kristin Cavallari, from actors, to singers, and social media influencers, now it reaches social justice warriors who use their talent as an artist to create change in our society, Jenna Ushkowitz today not only fights for justice, but shows off moments of beauty through art or with herself, and Jenna on her Instagram story takes up Uncommon James jewelry with layers of necklaces.

Jenna reveals she’s been getting compliments for her UJ attire, her layered Uncommon James necklaces are the UJ Big Star Necklace where your inner star is layered or solo, and the UJ Chain Necklace with its timeless and chic look that’s sure to last forever.

Social media star, Nichole Jacklyne, also sported Uncommon James on Wednesday, wearing the UJ Nashville Necklace, representing the soil of the city filled with music, and a growing population.

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