Lauren Conrad launches Lauren Conrad Beauty in a social media world @LC_Beauty @LaurenConrad #laurenconradbeauty #laurenconrad

Courtesy: Lauren Conrad Beauty

How We Grow

Lauren Conrad revealed to Glossy on Tuesday that launching a new makeup line that is her new Lauren Conrad Beauty has more options to grab someone’s attention, it’s no longer limited to just a few media outlets without social media.

With social media, Lauren says you can find the millennial driven audience Lauren aims for easier than in the past, you can build your own platform, speak from it, and control your image however way you want as opposed to the past where fewer media outlets dictated your brand image.

It’s places like Instagram that allow you to be who you want to be, express your personality through several means possible, one way is Lauren loving the summer glow that Lauren Conrad Beauty gives Lauren on a California summer day.

Daniel Quintanilla

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