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Fashion Mingle’s weekly “Mingle Mastermind Group” today got to the eye of fashion by addressing not what’s in front of the camera, but the camera itself, those that shoot it, the photographers, and the ones who plan photo shoots with “How To Work with Fashion Photographers and Get the Content You Need”.

To get to Carnegie Hall, you need to do 3 things, practice, practice, practice, and when reporting the news, 3 things again are get the story, get the story, and get the story, but no matter what level of fashion you are in, big box design house, small boutique, or even an influencer, those 3 fashion aspects tie into one thing, be professional.

Fashion photographers want all their clients no matter how large or small they are to be professional, you’ve invested in their services for a reason, to capture what you’re selling, whether it’s your pieces, or even you.

Budgets and time a client has for their shoot varies on what’s being shot and the reason it’s shot, but it’s not gonna be cheap, be prepared to spend an X amount of dollars to get the look exactly how you want it, you cannot try to be cheap, or amateur (like friends or family you know, or even your amped up iPhone) about your brand, we all see when you act cheap and unprofessional.

You have to trust the judgement of the photographers you hired, don’t intervene in their work even if your a parent at the shoot, just let them do their job, some will even go as far as to isolate friends and family who came along for the ride that day of the shoot, it just destroys the energy the model and the photographers are trying to capture.

This also resonates with models who want to bring their friends to the shoot, keep your friends out, it not only destroys the energy, but it’s very unprofessional, unless your friends are models too.

And as a photographer, it’s key they have a controlled setting, and know ahead of time when natural light will work for you or not, lighting if not done properly can kill your shoot, whether it’s professional or natural, every shoot you do involves tons of planning, not only by photographers and assistants, but by the ones who invest in the shoot.

Another good thing to know is on a plus size shoot, it has to be shot a very particular way so the looks on real women who are not so-called size 0 to 6 models can look good, and be flattering for the model, and the customer base.

Finally, it’s very important to know which pieces you’re wearing for your fashion photo shoot, it makes the crew’s job a lot easier, and both hired and hiring person must be prepared to provide various sizes in case one absolute size doesn’t work.

But remember this first and foremost, if you want to advance with your brand, be professional, it’s gonna cost money, but it pays dividends in the long run, and if you don’t have the money right now, work on being able to invest in professional services.

Daniel Quintanilla

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