Curve New York’s preview of ‘Curve Connect’ #virtual #tradeshow #lingerie #beachwear #intimates @curvexpo

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Finding Sexiness

Curve New York devoted their weekly webinar today to being a tutorial for Curve’s first virtual trade show, Curve Connect, that’s taking place from September 13 to September 25 as a means to replace the physical trade shows which now are impossible because of COVID19.

You can still register now to be apart of the virtual experience, you are also encouraged to fully complete your Curve Connect profile so other buyers and exhibitors can get to know you, and when it’s the right time to contact you, placing specific times so venders don’t get in touch with you when you’re busy, or when you’re asleep.

You’ll also come to know that it’s very easy to jump into a virtual meeting on Curve Connect while it’s taking place, and at the very beginning of course, as well as options if you need to leave a meeting and jumping back in along with invites.

Daniel Quintanilla

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