Finneas writes ‘What They Say About Us’ based on #nickcordero #amandakloots and son Elvis #whattheysayaboutus @Finneas #finneas

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Finding Souls

What would’ve been Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots 3rd wedding anniversary today, Amanda not only reminisced on her Instagram story about the day of their wedding in Times Square on the rooftop of the Plaza Hotel, but revealed too that pop artist, Finneas, wrote his latest single, “What They Say About Us”, with inspiration from Nick, Amanda, and son, Elvis.

Amanda too goes on to say that Finneas’s song is so beautiful, especially the last line, Amanda was also blown away by how pretty the song is, and more tears come over Amanda as she listens to “What They Say About Us” more, but it’s all good tears.

Though Amanda sees this as one of the toughest months she’ll go through, Amanda too says it’s a beautiful month for music, as “Live Your Life” was covered by Lenii, and the release today of “Not Far Away”, a song written and performed by Nick in the first verse, then the rest was written and performed by Amanda.

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