Jay Cutler spotted with @TomiLahren #jaycutler #tomilahren @foxnews

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Moving Fast

Apparently, it’s getting too close for comfort for Kristin Cavallari’s ex, Jay Cutler, who recently was spotted at a Nashville bar with Nashville native, and FOX News tell it like it is contributor, Tomi Lahren, which E! News reported on tonight.

Tomi is not shy to say she’s dating Jay just over 4 months after Jay and his ex, Kristin, publicity announced they were getting a divorce after being together for 10 years.

And it seems like these two are having a good time together, with Tomi declaring unofficially that Jay is her new man, and Tomi will have no qualms about jumping in if another woman intervenes.

Not too long ago, there were clear indications that Kristin was reconnected with her old “Laguna Beach” flame, Stephen Colletti, which was said to send Jay in a tail spin and delete his Instagram account temporarily.

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