August #unemployment rate drops nearly 2% to 8.4% with 1.4 million #jobs added @BLS_gov #COVID19

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report today, and the nation’s unemployment rate fell quite sharply, a 1.8 percent drop landing August’s rate at 8.4 percent, as more businesses reopen under strict guidelines with COVID19, although 1.4 million more jobs were added, it’s 400,000 less jobs added than in July due to indoor social distancing, and less workers needed.

The Department Of Labor also released its unemployment numbers on Thursday with the lowest number yet reported in the pandemic, 881,000 claims were filed last week, though still very high than normal, there’s signs of people trying to get back to work, as well as COVID19 unemployment nearly reaching the entire workforce at this point.

Daniel Quintanilla

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