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That In-Between

Labor Day has many meanings, it’s a holiday for those who work hard for fair and equal work rights set up by labor unions, it’s the last unofficial day of summer, and it can be a day to begin again, or get ready to begin again when summer ends after today, so as you think of Labor Day as the ladder, Lauren Conrad and her Lauren Conrad Co team today came up with 10 things you can do on your day off.

With so much things to try out on your vacation day, start out with registering to vote as it is just 57 days away till Election Day, start your own garden like Lauren’s family has, take your denim jacket and DIY embroider on it, build your own gallery wall of paintings, and make your own all art.

Labor Day’s also a de facto day to hit the reset button and refocus attention on yourself, there’s plenty of self-care items on sale with you in mind, upgrade your wardrobe now fall is working itself in, spruce up your home with new floor rugs, put new fall dedicated recipes to good use, and start up on a whole new backyard project.

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