Kristin Cavallari tells of @UncommonJames Demi-Fine #jewelry creation @KristinCav #kristincavallari #uncommonjames

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Kristin Cavallari briefly explained today how the Uncommon James Demi-Fine Jewelry went from being a little idea, into a collection that was just released on Thursday much to everybody’s surprise the night before.

This little idea Kristin had over a year ago seem almost impossible, Kristin didn’t know where to begin so Kristin asked every person she knew about fine jewelry, and how it’s made, and it was a bigger question since fine jewelry is expensive, and how to price it with Uncommon James.

But after doing a little research, Kristin quickly realizes it was the route for Uncommon James, because UJ Demi-Fine Jewelry is perfect to wear on those special moments, and Kristin is very excited about this next chapter with Uncommon James.

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