Tiffani Thiessen next to experience Lauren Conrad Beauty @TiffaniThiessen @LC_Beauty @LaurenConrad #tiffanithiessen #laurenconradbeauty #laurenconrad

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Saved By The Lip Gloss

If you’re old enough to remember “Saved By The Bell”, or even the mid 1990’s part of “Beverly Hills 90210”, then you know the beauty, awe, and talent Tiffani Thiessen brought you the small screen, even way passed those pivotal roles further in her TV acting career, Tiffani also is certainly no stranger to new cosmetic products, like today with Lauren Conrad Beauty, which Tiffani says she loves in her Instagram story, as does LCB too.

Tiffani bought the entire Lauren Conrad Beauty eco-friendly makeup line that’s already famous for its Tint Lip and Cheek, Lipstick, Lip Gloss that can be used as a lipstick companion or by itself, Liquid Highlighter, and the already wildly popular Liquid Eyeliner that truly fill your eyelashes with rich color.

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