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Courtesy: Rebecca Minkoff

Pivot To Forever

In all the upheaval, and change the fashion industry has had to inevitably reckon with, there’s one that’s stood through immense change in the landscape, one who’s ready to stay the course, and one who’s game plan can withstand a pandemic, and even new climate, that brand is Rebecca Minkoff, who would not dare miss a New York Fashion Week even in unprecedented times, but one who changes to sustain itself for the future, Rebecca Minkoff proudly presents not spring/ summer 2020, but the current season we’re in instead, it’s fall/ winter 2020, a buzz in the fashion industry that’s called season less for this time.

Over at New York’s Spring Studios in lower Manhattan, Rebecca Minkoff’s FW 2020 collection infuses glam rock flair with soft, bohemian accents and exudes the casual, effortless aesthetic the brand is known for, it’s seasonal plaids, leopard, florals, voluminous sleeves, ruffle details and strong leather statement pieces.

Rebecca Minkoff continues to tell the story of the modern woman in all moments of her life, and highlights her multifaceted personality of hard and soft, masculine and feminine, and everything in between; the collection aligns with Rebecca Minkoff’s core brand DNA: the juxtaposition of style between East Coast and West Coast.

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