Kristin Cavallari makes Spicy Peruvian Chicken out of #TrueComfort @KristinCav @PenguinRandom @UncommonJames #kristincavallari #uncommonjames #penguinrandomhouse

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Friday Night Dinner

Now that the long week is over, Kristin Cavallari late today got the kitchen all fired up to cook another recipe out of her upcoming cookbook, “True Comfort” out on September 29, this time making spicy Peruvian chicken for dinner.

A few things to learn from this video is Kristin didn’t always like cilantro until she tried it one day and couldn’t get enough, plus Kristin had exclusive Uncommon James measuring spoons she’s using for this spicy Peruvian chicken, Kristin also likes using vegan mayonnaise because it’s bland, to allow all other flavors to come out.

Also on tap was Uncommon James copper wine glass that Kristin sipped wine out of because it’s dinner time, and it’s certainly Dry Farms Wine Kristin’s drinking because it avoids you of a dreaded hangover.

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