Nick Cordero’s son Elvis listens to his dad’s #liveyourlife @54Below album @BwayRecords #nickcordero #amandakloots #54below #broadwayrecords #broadway #COVID19

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Sunshine Notes

Every morning, Nick Cordero’s wife, Amanda Kloots, kicks off her day filled with music being “Musical Mornings”, with son, Elvis, in the shot and music playing in the background, today’s morning was certainly different, because it’s Nick’s number one album, “Live Your Life” live at Feinstein’s 54 Below in New York City playing, and Elvis immediately recognizes daddy’s voice, getting all happy when he hears daddy sing.

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It’s because of Nick that I listen to music first thing in the morning. I used to turn on the news until he made me start my day instead with music. It changed my mornings! I was less anxious, I was dancing while making coffee, we would have fun picking out songs. So when Elvis was born I started MUSICAL MORNINGS! I’d put on a song and record a little bit for my stories then let the music keep going as we started our day as a family. Most days music plays in the house 24/7. It’s an instant mood shift, energy lifter, motivation and inspiration in our home. I want Elvis to know the importance of music. HOORAY FOR MUSIC! ⠀ This is Elvis this morning listening to Nicks album. Whenever I play Nicks songs he hears his voice and stops in his tracks and does this, gets a big smile on his face. Thank GOD we have music! Thank God!

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The most important aspect Amanda notes is she never started the day with music, Amanda use to listen to the news, but since Nick convinced her to start her day with music instead, Amanda became a lot less stressful, and her days were a lot better than they were before.

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