Kristin Cavallari spreads @UncommonJames #TrueComfort love to @MollyBSims @MarenMorris @TessaBrooks @HeidiMontag @kramergirl @KristinCav #uncommonjames #kristincavallari #janakramer #marenmorris #tessabrooks #mollybsims #heidimontag @cldstyle

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Uncommon James’s influence on Hollywood is quite far-reaching, and now the same is said for Kristin Cavallari’s upcoming cookbook, “True Comfort”, out on September 29, so Kristin Friday night and today expressed the love shown from a few good friends of Kristin’s as of late.

Starting from the top with actress, Molly Sims, who got the works from Kristin including “True Comfort”, 2 UJ Stem Brass Wine Glasses, and Kristin’s favorite red wine from Dry Farm Wines, then there’s another one of Kristin’s “Hills” friends being Heidi Montag who also got gifted goodies from Kristin.

Uncommon James truly is an A-Lister’s new BFF, like with Maren Morris wearing UJ Top Shelf Necklace, and Tessa Brooks wearing UJ earrings; Kristin also was gifted back by actress, Jana Kramer, who sent Kristin her new book, “The Good Fight”, with a little love thank you note.

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