Lauren Conrad holds ‘Hills’ #BFF Whitney Port close to her heart @LaurenConrad @whitneyEVEport @dearmediastudio #LaurenConrad #WhitneyPort

Courtesy: LaurenConrad Instagram

Happy Times

During Lauren Conrad’s podcast reunion with “Hills” BFF, Whitney Port, on Whitney’s “Staying Home With Whit” podcast, Lauren reveals how great of a friend Whitney is to her, someone Lauren will always keep in her heart, like an old college friend that stays with her despite losing touch once leaving college.

Whitney gets asked all the time if she’s still friends with Lauren, and Whitney sees Lauren as that friend who Whitney had good experiences with, but doesn’t always keep in touch with except when there’s a reunion taking place.

Lauren being a good friend to Whitney and vice versa certainly clears up Whitney’s dilemma about Lauren not wanting to be friends with Whitney anymore once Lauren left “The Hills” in 2009 to emotionally recover.

Daniel Quintanilla

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