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Eating Lined Out

You come to the point where it’s Sunday afternoon, and you start wondering what you’re gonna make for dinner this coming week, let alone today, if you have a busy life (even at home), these questions always come up among other things, so Kristin Cavallari shows you how easy it can be to plan your meals for the week with Kristin’s cookbook, “True Comfort”, out this Tuesday.

Grab your notepad like Kristin (with a bouquet from her babies) does here with her recipes for the week, plan around your busy schedule, line it out according to your diet, what you see your cravings are for that week, and plan for those nights you know you’re gonna drink wine or beer, as well as meet up with your friends if you can.

You’ll be amazed at what meals you can find in Kristin’s “True Comfort” cookbook this week, and make sure you tune in this Wednesday at 2 p.m. EDT to Talk Shop Live where Kristin will hold a virtual book signing, plus a live cooking demonstration for those tuning in.

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