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Cook It Live

Kristin Cavallari went live late today on Amazon Live to cook up chicken enchilada casserole right from her kitchen in Nashville, Tennessee for “True Comfort”, looking beautiful as ever along with her brand-new kitchen in the home Kristin moved into a few months ago, and is also apart of Amazon’s Influencer Program for Uncommon James as of not too long ago.

Along with having fun during the Amazon Live broadcast, Kristin’s healthy eating habits began when she was pregnant with first-born Camden Jack Cutler, learning to have a fearless and healthy relationship with food, without having to be under the burden of a strict healthy diet without pleasure, Kristin also use to live for junk food on the weekends while eating healthy during the week.

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

Kristin also stresses that her kids have eaten healthy early on because they saw Kristin having a healthy diet, so there wasn’t any trickery to get Kristin’s kids to eat healthy, though Kristin confesses her kids go to sleepovers and eat all kinds of junk food.

Kristin not only made a chicken enchilada casserole, but also made a pan chocolate chip cookie, having most of her ingredients and dish food made in advance (through the magic of television/ internet).

The idea behind “True Comfort” is to make your favorite foods no matter healthy or unhealthy on a regular basis as close to dairy and gluten free, plus as vegan as possible, learning the benefits of full fat ingredients like coconut milk and avocado, and you’ll never have a love/ hate relationship with food again, there’s only one recipe that’s filled with gluten.

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