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Authors Rise Early

It’s official, Kristin Cavallari’s “True Comfort” cookbook is now available to buy as of today, it’s also a big press day because of the release, so Kristin preps herself for a live shot on ABC’s “Good Morning America” right from her home in Nashville, Tennessee to talk “True Comfort”, but not without prep for “GMA”.

Rising and shining for “GMA” takes serious prep, both inside and out, first, you definitely need coffee, and who better for Kristin to coffee up than Larry’s Coffee Nitro Cold Crew from the neighboring state in Raleigh, North Carolina, and you can find Larry’s Coffee at coffee lab 42 & Lawrence in the same city.

The outer features of Kristin are inspired by NARS Cosmetics, which Kristin goes to task in doing herself up for broadcast, Kristin also wishes her near and dear makeup artist, Robert Sesmek, was there to help with her makeup just like on any other book tour.

Daniel Quintanilla

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