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Not Cheating If It’s Good For You

Kristin Cavallari got cooking today on “Good Morning America” with her just released “True Comfort” cookbook to make French Toast from Nashville, Tennessee for Robin Roberts, Michael Strahan, and Amy Robach up in New York.

But first, Kristin talked about co-parenting with her ex-husband, Jay Cutler, saying that it’s been working so far and that it’s not all that bad, Kristin and Jay only live 8 minutes away from each other, and Jay’s been cooperative with Kristin with no trouble, also noting that it’s been easy raising her 3 kids in Nashville.

The Nashville way of raising your parents comes easy because there’s so much wide open space, you can horseback ride, ride your bike, go out and play, and you can spread yourself out easier than in New York City under COVID19, Kristin couldn’t imagine how difficult it was for parents raising children in NYC, Kristin says kids went back to school in August in person, and Kristin’s been able to go to her Uncommon James offices and work.

Kristin then gave us the moment we’ve all been waiting for, making Gluten-Free French Toast, where it’s also dairy-free, vegan, and naturally sweetened, Kristin loves to use coconut sugar and maple syrup because they’re all natural where your body recognizes it, Kristin does not use white sugar because it’s stripped of its nutrients.

If you were looking at Kristin’s eggs, they’re brown, but they’re also green, that is because Kristin and her kids raise chickens at home, and we’re clucking and wandering all around the house while “GMA” took place, so it’s definitely farm fresh, and home grown green eggs going into your Gluten Free French Toast that’s not considered cheating, it’s good for you as stressed by Kristin.

To top it all off, and through the magic of television, Kristin fed Michael, Robin, and Amy Gluten Free French Toast also topped with cashew cream at the climax, a whole natural alternative to whipped cream, plus the “GMA” talent already had Kristin’s dish pre-made for them to eat, out of over 100 recipes you can now cook up out of “True Comfort”.

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