Don’t Forget To #Vote : Message by @LaurenConrad @StephenColletti @HeadCountOrg #laurenconrad #stephencolletti #GoodToVote # treyphillips #dieterschmitz

Courtesy: LaurenConrad Instagram

Vote! Vote! Vote!

There’s only one way to ensure your nation has a future, it’s to vote, Lauren Conrad and Dieter Schmitz remind you to make sure you’re registered to vote, or confirm you’re registered to vote, go to to make sure you’re #GoodToVote.

And if Lauren, and the cast of “Laguna Beach” can meet their goal to get lots of you to register to vote, then the entire cast of “Laguna Beach” will reunite for a Zoom reunion, where you’ll get to see Lauren and former frenemy, Kristin Cavallari, in the same space.

Daniel Quintanilla

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