Lauren Conrad meets vote goal – ‘Laguna Beach’ Reunion Happening – @stephencolletti #treyphillips #dieterschmitz @HeadCountOrg #GoodToVote #LagunaBeach #reunion @LaurenConrad #laurenconrad #stephencolletti

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Piano Intro Please

They did it, Lauren Conrad along with childhood friends, Stephen Colletti, Dieter Schmitz, and Trey Phillips met their #GoodToVote goal of getting 500 of you to either register to vote or confirm you’re registered to vote with over 9,000 actions claimed, so as promised by these “Laguna Beach” 4, a “Laguna Beach” reunion is happening later this month.

It’s said to be the ultimate high school reunion your generation has seen in a lifetime, every single one of the cast of “Laguna Beach” will reunite via Zoom where black & white affairs will be reignited, while reliving Stephen & Kristin dunzo like it’s 2004-2005 all over again.

Daniel Quintanilla

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