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What’s The Need?

Fashion Mingle held its weekly Mingle Mastermind Sessions today continuing to address fashion during COVID19, this week’s session shifted gears from fashion to beauty, in their session of “Creating Products For The Beauty Industry”.

Even during a pandemic, there’s always a need for new beauty products, especially as most to all beauty houses pivot to virtual business, with any moment in time, start with research to see where your customer’s at, not only with circumstances but with you.

Once you gather all your data and feedback, start to brainstorm ideas for new products in your beauty line according to your clientele, test out new products with focus groups and your clientele to see if they like it, once you have your clientele’s approval, market immediately to cash in on your new products you’ve created.

Bare in mind while you’re developing new products, there’s no timeline for perfecting it because it could take years to get it right for your customer base, and make sure you protect your products through copyright and being a legitimate business in the first place.

Daniel Quintanilla

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