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Social Media Sells

Curve Connect today continued its two-part series on “Maximizing Your Digital Presence” with first, a quick rundown of part 1, then step by step instructions on how to use each Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter when selling your website where you sell your products.

Around the world, especially in this pandemic, and even without COVID19, Facebook is the leading place for people to find your social media that leads you to your e-commerce sight, which is why Facebook generates the most revenue, but it’s Instagram here in the United States that consumers are drawn to for your business’s experience, leading them to click on your site.

Each and every form of social media you create a business account on, the main thing you’re doing is repurposing your images from your website onto places like Instagram, but you must provide an Instagram handle, hashtag of what you’re posting, celebrity handle and hashtag, following other businesses and celebrities, and utilizing automatic tools also for other social media like Facebook, plus Instagram story is an important feature to utilize.

Another key function that’s played a pivotal role on Instagram is providing a link to your site, it can be done by saying LINK IN BIO, and/ or a Linktree, and the actual links themselves, which leads you to higher traffic on your website.

Easton International provides key help with your social media if you are unsure how to get started, and they’re providing a free consultation when you first sign up.

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