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Courtesy: Fashion Mingle

Presence Is Power

Fashion Mingle with Texworld NYC today at its 3 day virtual convention, pulled the levers and did a caterpillar in the stellar world of being an Influencer on places like Instagram, being open and real about what it takes to make money off this lucrative angle.

It starts with the brand, the brand has a set amount of money allocated to find influencers that’ll enhance their brand, it’s done on a 50/ 50 ratio as the brand sees if you are a good fit to represent them, as well as the influencer seeing if the brand will fit into their mission, hopefully to meet in the middle to benefit one.

It’s not just money that moves the influencer in the brand’s direction, the influencer has love what the brand is all about in order for the influencer to promote the brand she puts her heart into, brand awareness now more than ever is more important since the COVID19 pandemic has seized pop-up stores, and runway events from taking place.

Daniel Quintanilla

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