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Where To Land????

In this third and final day of TexworldNYC’s virtual convention, Fashion Mingle with Fashion Angel Warrior conducted a live webinar as part of their “Mingle Happy Hour” to provide a power hour focused on the production and direction of your garment, textile, and sourcing business that produces clothing for the fashion industry.

There are many questions on what direction a business owner needs to go in now that COVID19, and the virtual pivot finally put the fashion industry in an inevitable reckoning, one business may want to be more sustainable instead of focusing on fast fashion that produces waste, another business tries to narrow down where they want to spend their money on advertising to increase sales, and another business must narrow down where they want their sourcing to come from or where their product needs to be produced.

But these businesses all have one thing in common, they’ve got to have enough cash to sustain them for at least 2 years, because the X amount of dollars estimated by would be business owners exceeds expectations so young entrepreneurs especially must be prepared to spend their money in the right place, be ready for setbacks, and try not to go out of business before they achieve the sales they need to stay in business.

Daniel Quintanilla

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