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Where’s My Day Of Rest?

Justin Anderson, the BFF of Kristin Cavallari, addressed his loyal followers on Instagram today saying that the Sunday he originally intended to have went out the window, it was a dumpster fire addressing the drama Madison LeCroy caused over Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari thrown in the mix, Justin spent his Sunday defending the firestorm brewing from Madison and those with negative comments about the situation and Justin himself, all Justin wanted to do was go to the spa, and try to mourn the loss of his dad who died more than a week ago.

Justin also stresses he doesn’t enjoy the drama taking place around himself, Kristin, Jay, and Madison, Justin too stresses his true friends who’ve been positive know the difference with this whole drama, it’s those who are negative Justin’s gotta defend himself and politely talk down who who keep the narrative going.

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