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Courtesy: Nkutu Katalay

New York City, NY

On Saturday, February 13th, 2021, a Kinshasa born, Congolese artist, orator, multi-instrumentalist and social activist Nkumu Katalay releases a new single called “Zua Lokolo.” English for [get the step] or [get to the groove].

Get to the groove or Zua Lokolo is a first Hit for 2021, following Nkumu’s four releases, Ya Yesu Loaded (May 2020), Clear My Path (Aug 2020), Bogiko and I am yours (Dec 2020).

Zua Lokolo makes one get on the dance floor on the first note.

Nkumu mixture of afro fusion of contemporary and traditional music, a concept he calls CONTEMPTRA, to a mixture of Congolese pure dance music is meant to captivate the audience.

The choice to release Zua Lokolo on February 13th, is not by chances either.

The dates coincide with a cultural initiative that the artist started six years ago called AfroTine or AfroTineFeb13th, an afro roots love day.

AfroTine is an alternative to Valentine but focused around celebrating the love for the African cultures.

Zua Lokolo is Nkumu’s first song that the chorus calls for a dance step; this is away from his usual conscious music under tones on choruses.

Zua Lokolo means exactly what it means, as stated on top, “get the step” or “get into the groove.” With this song the artist wants his audience to get the specific dance step.

For Nkumu Katalay the goal for 2021 is to release great music to make the world dance and move towards a positive direction.

Covid-19 made 2020 very challenging and for Nkumu why not switch into a very positive phase away from the hardship the Pandemic has caused.

To Nkumu Katalay releasing positive music is a good way to start.

So, enjoy Zua Lokolo, on AfroTine’s Day 2021.

Daniel Quintanilla

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