Will #sneakers & #skinnyjeans disappear from #mensfashion with a #denim comeback in #aw21 ??? @InformaPLC @InformaMarkets @wgsn @projectshow #coterie #informamarkets #covid19

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Endangered Species????

During an Informa Market semi-annual trends report Daniel plus Lauren was participating in today, the possibility of sneakers and skinny jeans becoming extinct from men’s fashion was raised, COVID19 has forced us to change our fast-paced normal for a life from home normal, shifting our need for specific pieces since we’re not leaving the house much to stop the spread of COVID19.

When you’re not working out at the gym, or doing your workout at home, it’s been forecasted there’s no need for sneakers since the need to show off high style is not in the cards right now, trends see sneakers giving away to men’s loafers and Crocs in the fall and winter months of 2021-2022 depending on how serious COVID19 is in your state.

Coinciding with sneakers taking a break are the skinny jeans on men getting a much-needed vacation from the fashion scene, in favor of course for more comforting options to work and play in at home, but it was also stressed there’s still demand for skinny jeans for those who want to wear them.

What’s been on break from fashion the last few seasons is denim, and denim is poised to make it back on the floor with new high-end quality fabric denim not only for sustainable or speciality use, but denim that’s manufactured to gain longer life out of it.

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