Kristin Cavallari’s why on @UncommonJames #demifinejewelry is right for you; #jewelry #gold #diamond @KristinCav

Courtesy: Uncommon James

Go Demi-Fine

After wrapping up the week of her second edition of the Uncommon James Demi-Fine collection, Kristin Cavallari today explains why you should invest in the UJ Demi-Fine Collection, with its sterling silver, 18 karat gold, and real round cut diamonds, you have the ultimate opportunity to level up your jewelry collection, and create trends of your own without green light from others, Kristin’s own trend here today includes UJ Demi-Fine Forever Stack Ring in sets of 5, Criss Cross Ring, Throwback Bracelet, Broken Heart Necklace, and Dainty Necklace.

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