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Rules Of New Normal

Just 3 days before Fashinnovation holds a brand-new Live Worldwide Talks on Thursday, Fashinnovation today are live on their Instagram story for a blue carpet virtual party to give a preview of what’s ahead, with scheduled speakers giving preview of their panels, two notables include George Brescia and Aizel Trudel, who share fashion’s new normal in COVID19.

George Brescia, who’s fashion expertise is seen daily on QVC, “Extra”, and all the broadcast networks, laid out the new rules of fashion in a COVID19 Zoom universe, one word is fierce, you must wear fierce outfits whether it work, family, or virtual party especially when you hope on the laptop and Zoom in on your friends, family, and colleagues, it’s a given that we’re gonna interact from home for a little while longer due to COVID19, so leave a lasting style impression on those you know, and those you network with about all the good taste you show off with fashion.

Business woman, Aizel Trudel, who’s also a Philanthropist and Real Estate Developer, says COVID19 will create a 50/50 struggle for retailers, and other fashion boutiques concerning in-person shopping and virtual shopping, these fashion business will for one meet a crossroads if not done so already about where to invest their time, resources, and capital given the severity of the pandemic and where we are in fighting COVID19, even still there’s doubt with some businesses about strictly going virtual or just waiting until they’re able to open their doors physically again with absolute caution.

Another important point Aizel added are the continuing dominance of comforts, ultimately producing sweat pants and sweat shirts in the same fashion to be high-end, re-entering something close to high-priced fashion even at home.

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