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Sustain…. Or Else

Fashion Mingle’s “Mingle Mastermind Group” today got into the business of collection being sustainable, addressing the fears, reluctance, benefits, and consequences if you choose to ignore fashion’s new reality, especially in COVID19, so Andrea Reyes of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition and MMG presents the “Fashion Business Sustainability Guide: Building a Business That’s Good For The Planet”.

The move for brands to surrender fast, flashy, and wasteful fashion may not happen overnight, albeit it’s currently on pause in favor of comforts since COVID19 has us safe at home, but now’s the time to face sustainability as customer demand wants more eco-friendly options to meet their planetary concerns.

As the Federal Reserve and the Treasury department have sent new guidelines for businesses to operate on zero carbon footprints by 2050 with companies like General Motors, Tesla, Eileen Fisher, Patagonia, and Burberry pivoting from carbon to organic sourcing, and consumers learn a great deal more about what their clothes are made of, businesses must strive at a breakneck pace to meet zero carbon footprints when manufacturing their products, otherwise they’ll be out of business, and lose funding or loan approval.

The only way for your business to be certified as sustainable is filing a B Corp certification form, a step by step process where you answer questions on how your business will be sustainable, as well as meeting B Corp guidelines, obtaining legal assistance, and yearly renewal.

In the order of which organic foods entered into the landscape, with farmer’s markets and health stores being the only place to buy organic before even places like WalMart now carry organic foods, sustainable fashion follows in the same order as it takes foothold on the fashion industry that’s seen tremendous upheaval way before COVID19.

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