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It’s the first Friday of March, that means it’s time for Fashion Mingle to hold its Mingle Mastermind Group Virtual Networking Event today, where Fashion Mingle members can ask questions about their business, ways to grow, and what to look out for so you don’t make costly mistakes.

Anything that you want to know, from launching a new clothing line, getting into New York Fashion Week, following guidelines to maintaining your business in accordance to state and federal law, and sustainability being the greatest transition in the fashion industry, this virtual networking event on the first of every month is your opportunity to take you one or more steps forward to growing your business.

Now that the COVID19 vaccine is being widely distributed with every adult who wants one available in May, and COVID19 cases looking to go down, plus those who’ve fully committed to being sustainable with fashion production, it looks to be a fruitful 2021 shortly, plus a robust 2022, so now’s the time for you to ask questions.

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