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Selling You

Fashion Mingle wrapped up the week today with their “Mingle Mastermind Group” to stress an important investment in your business, investing in you, selling who you are as best as possible so your business as a whole can sell better and increase its customers, it’s a “Fashion Business Marketing Guide: How To Grow Your Personal Brand”.

You have a business, whether it’s a clothing line, a real estate business, or just pursuing your talents whatever that may be, you have to build your brand, the brand is you, it starts with your social media, right down to clothes you wear in your post, as well as your personality, what’s your business’s mission is, and how you live your life outside work.

To be honest, building your brand is not cheap, but it’s worth it over time, and even if you’re on a budget, spend your money wisely so it keeps you realistic about where you can get the most bang for your buck to sell you, it doesn’t make sense to produce a Broadway show on a shoestring budget.

Finding a spokesperson for your business is said to me a bowl of wax, because they have to try to put forth your vision that’s not even their own, so you must get media training, be comfortable going in front of the camera, take acting classes, and invest in beauty, skincare, and exercise for yourself so you are confident to step in front of the lens, and don’t forget sleep.

Do not rely on friends to take your picture or style you, you have to hire a professional photographer and a stylist in the same manner to glam you 1,000 percent for your business website, and yes, for your social media, Instagram especially, Instagram should be simple to post, so don’t complicate things by copying others or reinventing the wheel, hire an Instagram specialist if need be.

Remember, there are thousands, if not millions, who are doing the same thing you are doing in selling their business, so your potential customers can easily go elsewhere if you are not truly invested in it the right way, so take a professional’s advice, choose the best, make it easy when choosing pictures, and learn that less is more.

Daniel Quintanilla

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