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How We Got Here

Amanda Kloots once again spent time with Evereve, but this time “In The Dressing Room with Megan Tamte”, where Amanda shared how she fell in love with being a performer on Broadway and The Rockettes, stemming from 4th grade where she attended a performing arts school and liked dance, Amanda also found that Broadway for her had more freedom to act and sing that just being a Rockette.

Amanda also revealed that in between Broadway shows and gigs, Amanda wanted to do something more consistent like teaching fitness classes and making it her own business, and was not going to let imperfections or stipulations stop her, Amanda had just gotten Amanda Kloots Fitness started just as COVID19 was declared a pandemic.

Amanda too also says that moving to Los Angeles, California was not totally her idea, but her late husband, Nick Cordero’s idea because Nick wanted to explore more acting opportunities than what was available in New York City, but it didn’t mean Amanda had to give up dancing or fitness, Amanda discovered there were opportunities for her in LA also.

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