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Reconnecting With Nature

Fashion Mingle “Mingle Mastermind Group” today got into how you can run your fashion entrepreneurship in a world that’s sustainable, reusable, and connects to the environment with the “Fashion Business Sustainability Guide: Easy Fashion Tech Solutions Designers Can Use To Cut Waste”.

An ideal world of a sustainable fashion business is relying heavily on technology, using 3D printing to produce your content that’s easy to recycle, augmented reality to size your customers based on information they give, reducing the use of carbon footprints that creates tremendous amounts of garment waste, eliminating the middleman where it goes from designer to factory to retailer where you can save lots of money and pay your workers a lot more.

Not everybody can afford to pivot their production from conventional to sustainable, it takes huge amounts of money to invest in a sustainable business model, independent designers don’t have those means to convert over, so indies can send over their designs to 3D specialist and go off to recommend a viable production model based on their budget.

Sustainable has a lot of meanings to many entrepreneurs, some are accurate, others are way off the mark, there’s even times where one will hire a sustainable certification firm to access their collections and give them a certificate of sustainability, the only problem with that is that it’s not always true, signatures are forged, legalities are not accessed, and sourcing is not properly traced, or is any information given.

No matter what your budget is, large or small, you can achieve sustainability at any level, as long as it’s manageable for you, and that you thoroughly understand that it is, we know what can be done with $5 million, but what can you do with $5,000?

Daniel Quintanilla

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