Curve New York talks the #bra industry upheaval thanks to #COVID19 ~ @curvexpo #lingerie #beachwear

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The Time Has Come

Curve New York today with its Curve Connect virtual trade show addressed the tsunami that has finally arrived in the bra industry, where it’s all about finding the right balance for the next generation between sporty and sexy, and turning on older bra buyers to new ideas.

It’s been said for quite sometime that a revolution in the more than a century’s old bra industry was coming, it just needed the right time and place for young and even old to switch to comforts sans wires, COVID19 for a year now has been the upheaval the bra industry was forced to face as traditional bras were no longer needed since we all stood home to stay safe.

It all comes down to an extreme amount of investment about the new bras that need to be created for the right size without reverting to your mother’s old-fashion bra brand, braking away from fixed wire structure and material that’s not the right fit for big and little breasts, educating your consumer about the new bra with special materials to fit your breast at 50/50 levels for you to wear no matter the occasion, and even swaying older wire bra believers to try something new, so their breast too are comfortable, sporty, flattering, and sexy.

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