‘In The Heights’ a #vaccine for the soul in #COVID19 ~ @‘Variety #variety @intheheights #intheheights #broadway

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Hopeful Injection

In an in-depth piece by Variety today, their findings were that “In The Heights” is something not only the Latino community needs, but our population as a whole, “In The Heights” is by far a vaccine, a vaccine of confidence for you that reassures you that things will get back to normal once again after COVID19 is gone, “In The Heights” in itself is a telling of a community that’s Washington Heights that’s surely disappearing, thanks to gentrification, but it’s the dancing and musical numbers telling the story of a disappearing Washington Heights alone that make us long for life before the pandemic shut it all down.

The biggest boost for not only the Latin film community, but with years of trying to get “In The Heights” off the ground, plus a changing movie climate with both audience and distribution, is that “In The Heights” will be released sooner than later, moving up from its June 18, 2021 date (originally June 26, 2020 if not pandemic), to now June 11, 2021 in both theaters and HBOMax.

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